Topics 2019!

You spoke, and we listened! Here are the topics for Rise 2019!

Simple Christian Living

We hear often, in our everyday conversations, at school and work, that the idea of living as a Christian can be overwhelming. Even those who have been living in Christ for years, find that there can be so many complications with rules, methods, and regulations.

We know that in Christ we are forgiven, and saved, and that there is enough grace for our entire lives. We are going to discuss the simplicity of being a Christian, and how we can live that out in our everyday lives.

We’ll discuss and share how we can live joyfully, and enjoy being a believer without being under pressure and compulsion.

Technology’s Effect on Society

Screens are taking over! We rely on them for almost everything these days! But what are the effects of smart phones, Social Media and the Internet on today’s society?

We’re going to discuss the effects the digital world has on faith, family, community, and our future generation.

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