We are so excited to introduce RISE, a one day summer event for the local community, by the local church. RISE was started by Christ Believers Fellowship, a bible believing church based in Luton.

We are aware of the everyday (and not so everyday) struggles that life presents, and we believe we have the answer: The Gospel of Jesus Christ! We believe in the power of the gospel to change lives, and the Holy Spirit to bring freedom. We know that in sharing real experiences and talking about real issues, there is Peace. We believe in a God who knows our every need, and believe in scripture that guides our daily lives.

The word of God says, “Come, let us reason together says the Lord”. That means let us settle the matter, let us talk it out. We have actually been instructed by God to do so! That’s why we are creating the opportunity for you to take your issues to God as a community together.

Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, are still deciding, or have been a follower of Jesus for years, you are invited to join us for discussions, forums, talks, and more! You’re invited to look to the Cross where Jesus died for all of our sins, and defeated death. Let us RISE above every situation together with Christ.